S.No.Name of ProjectEstimated Cost
(In Cr.)
Date of ApprovalProbable Completion DateRemarks
1Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of “Microorganism based 24 Hrs composting Machine to process organic Bio-degradable Horticulture solid waste DPR under preparation
2Compactors & Hand Carts for sweeping in Ludhiana Municipal Corporation DPR under preparation.
PAN City
1Installation of Rooftop Solar Panels on existing buildings (Phase I)3.5324.03.201719.04.201731.07.2018Work in Progress. Physical progress-90% Financial Progress-70%. Work likely to be completed July 2018.Duration-6 Months+3 months. Procurement of Bi-directional meter is in progress.
2Installation of Wayfinding & Signages (Digital & Analogue)9.1424.03.201719.04.2017Work in progress
3LED Street Lighting49.0424.03.201719.05.201707.11.2018LOA issued to M/s. TATA Projects Ltd. on 9 April 2018. Agenda Item of DPR approved by EC & BOB on 19 June 2018 Gap Assessment work & its verification is in progress. Infrastructure cost is under assesment. Duration-9 Months.
4Construction & Demolition (C & D) Waste Management 14.52Revised DPR submitted on 15th June-2018. DPR approved by CLTC. DPR forwarded to Advisor Tech . for approval. Duration-8 Months.
5Carcass Utilization Plant 9.97 DPR approved by CLTC. Revised DPR under submission. Duration -8 Months
6Integrated Command & Control Centre 49.04DPR approved by EC & BOD on 19 June 2018. Tender being invited very shortly. Duration-12 Months
7Digital library13.00DPR under preparation . Duration- 12 Months
8Construction of Building of ICCC 0.35DPR submitted on 11.07.2018. Duration- 12 Months
9Dedicated Cycle Track in selected Industrial Area25.25Revised DPR submitted on 14-May-2018. Observations of LSCL have been incorporated & submitted on 14 June 2018. To place before CLTC for approval. Duration -12 Months
10Installation of Rooftop Solar Panels on existing buildings (Phase II &III)126.47Work is under control of SECI. LOA issued to Azure Power on 12 Sept. 2017.Survey work is in progress. Land identification is in progress.
11Toilets-DUAC (15 Nos), Modular (21 Nos.) & Masonry (25 Nos)10.8124.03.2017Financial proposal for DUAC & Modular Toilet shall be opened shortly. 2nd call for Masonry. SIngle Bid received for Masonry. Further decision to be taken by authority. Duration – 6 months.
12Junction Improvement (12 Nos) & Smart FOBs (5 Nos.) 21.00DPR under preparation. Two junctions Drawings-Dandi Swami & Haibowal Chowk submitted to SE, Traffic for execution by them.
13Smart Schools10.00DPR (Pilot Project) to be submitted.
14Installation of Smart Bins17.02DPR submitted on 31 May 2018. CAPEX-Rs. 7.13 Cr., Collection & Transportation- Rs. 7.64 Cr. , O & M-Rs. 2.25 Cr. DPR under appraisal. Forwarded to Advisor Tech. for approval. Discussed with CE (O&M), PMIDC & approval note in process. NOC from A2Z Infrastructure to be furnished to Adv. Tech Office.
15Water Front Development including Landscaping & Beautification along Sidhwan Canal DPR under preparation.
1Retrofit Sarabha Nagar Market 14.8908.04.201711.04.2018Bid opened on 13.07.2018. Technical evaluation in progress Duration -18 Months.
2Smart Road- Malhar Road Phase I including Complete Streets (sidewalk, Handicap friendly)22.7502.01.201811.04.2018Bid opened on 13.07.2018. Technical Evaluation in progress. Duration -18 Months.
324 X 7 Smart Water Supply Scheme46.5017.10.201706.03.2018Received One Bid on 25.05.2018. One(01) Bid received on 20.06.2018 in 2nd call. Retendered. Last date of submission extended upto 18/07/2018 Duration-21 Months.
4Replacement & Rehabilitation of Sewerage Network39.3016.10.201706.03.2018Received One Bid on 25.05.2018. One(01) Bid received on 20.06.2018 in 2nd call. Retendered. Last date of submission extended upto 18/07/2018 Duration-21 Months.
5Construction of Storm water Network 22.5909.01.201806.03.2018Received One Bid on 25.05.2018. One(01) Bid received on 20.06.2018 in 2nd call. Retendered. Last date of submission extended upto 18/07/2018 Duration-21 Months.
6Undergrounding of Electrical Cables231.4124.03.2017Held in abeyance by BoD .
7Smart Road - Phase II - Ghumar Mandi Road & National Road23.25DPR approved in CLTC meeting on 22 May 2018. Clearance of electrical portion is in progress with PSPCL. Duration – 12 Months
8Smart Road Phase II - Rotary Club Road10.75DPR submitted on 28 June 2018.Electrical component of DPR under process of vetting by PSPCL Duration- 12 Months
9Smart Road Phase II - Pakhowal Road20.00To be taken up after ROB/RUB clearance. Presently put on Hold.
10Road over Bridge (RoB & RUB) at Pakhowal Railway Crossing 62.2504.05.2018DPR approved in CLTC & SLTC. Approval of GAD from Railway Head Quarter is in progress. DPR approved by EC & BOD on 19 June 2018. RFB approved Advisor Tech. on 21st June 2018 .Tender invited,Last date of submission 27-07-2018. Duration-26 Months. Defect Liability period - 3 Years.
11Multi Level Car Parking (MLCP) at Feroze Gandhi Market 20.00Concept changes suggested by LIT are adopted. DPR under preparation.
12UG parking at NH-9531.67DPR approved in CLTC meeting on 22 May 2018. Forwarded to Advisor Tech approval,under examination by Advisor Tech office. Duration -12 Months
13E Rickshaw16.50Total no. of Rickshaws: 1500. Decision with LSCL. Concept note to be submitted .
14Proposed façade improvement of Municipal Office, Zone-A 6.41DPR under preparation
15Proposed Façade Lighting of iconic Clock Tower 3.60DPR under preparation.
16Proposed City Branding works & logo design 7.25DPR under preparation.